Heelwings get you anywhere!

Heelwings combine the practical aspects of protecting the high heels from getting ruined and allowing you to walk with confidence on diverse uneven grounds, and at the same time, stylishly complementing the beauty of your stiletto and kitten heels with its shapely design.

Wearing / Removing Heelwings
Easy slip on / slip off. Larger heels may need a gentle twist and push into the flexible Heelwings. To remove place the satin pouch over Heelwings and gently twist and pull. No compromising of your kitten heels or your manicured nails. Check that the Heelwings are completely fitted to your heels before walking.

Caring for Heelwings
Little walking on rough hard ground or paving to make the Heelwings last longer. Designed for wearing on soft ground. Rinse in lukewarm water and wipe with a cloth.