Looking fabulous has never been easier

Heelwings get you anywhere!
Feel comfortable and look fabulous in any occasion and in every Season. Rain or shine. Heelwings allow you to walk with confidence on diverse uneven grounds protecting high heels from getting ruined. The stylish product enhances the beauty of your stiletto and kitten heels with its shapely design. An accessory for every occasion, discreetly kept in a satin pouch in your clutch purse.

Heelwings keep you going!
The registered design product is engineered to fit snugly and securely on high heels of different shapes and sizes KINKY-small and PLAY-classic. Its flexible material with bands and flaps ensures an excellent grip. Heelwings make you walk with confidence by increasing the size of the bottom surface and thus providing an enlarged contact area with the ground. No more sinking into grass or slipping into cracks with your high heels.

Heelwings are stylish and discreet!
An accessory for every occasion, Heelwings are easy to slip on / slip off. They discreetly disappear into their own satin pouch and into your clutch purse without even compromising your kitten heels or your manicured nails.

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