HEELWINGS – Walk with confidence over stumbling-stones

Girls, do you love your high heels? Then you must not miss this new sensational accessory!
But what exactly are these HEELWINGS? The ingenious tool subtly enlarges your heels bottom surface, protecting the heels at the same time.

Do you have a rendezvous, date or meeting which takes place outside, forcing you stand on pebbles or even grass? Plus, the dress code also requires high heels? No problem, because the HEELWINGS let you to stand around fabulously and comfortably. You will no longer be tensed up in high heels, and can confidently turn the attention to the really important things, instead of constantly worrying to slip, to get stuck or even to sink your heels into the uneven ground.


Do you know the feeling when walking in high heels over a polished surface such as a marble floor, tensing up because the fear of slipping is your constant companion? With the HEELWINGS you will feel safe in any occasion, because they are made of flexible material which provides a good grip on even the most slippery surface.

elegant – discret – fancy – stylish – noble – urban
are available in two sizes and two colors (black and clear).

Last but not least – Bargain alert: meemi offers Girls Drive readers a 10% discount on any order with the code “girlsdrive” until the end of December 2013.

Girls, still strutting along or then, are you already walking with confidence?
PS: A personal experience report with my heels can be found here.

Text: Anita Christina Rossé
Photos: meemi.net


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