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Dress Up Your Heels with HEELWINGS

Need a change? Anita Rossé has the solution on her blog Une prise de luxe. HEELWINGS by meemi is a Must-Have-Accessory and I have the pleasure to present them to you (German text). Veränderung erwünscht? Anita Rossé hat auf ihrem

Citybabble on Heelwings

Citybabble: The colorful and entertaining lifestyle blog from Switzerland. City, fashion, travel and other talks… Recently I’ve seen the Heelwings. A really clever invention for all high heels fans. You simply slip the accessory over your stilettos and are ready

Looking fabulous has never been easier

Heelwings get you anywhere!Feel comfortable and look fabulous in any occasion and in every Season. Rain or shine. Heelwings allow you to walk with confidence on diverse uneven grounds protecting high heels from getting ruined. The stylish product enhances the