DeLuxe Collection

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DeLuxe Collection

DeLuxe Collection

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2 SETS contain 4 PAIRS of Heelwings :: KINKY & PLAY
(2 pairs in clear, 2 pairs in black; 2 sizes; 8 pieces)

DeLuxe Collection containing all HEELWINGS to walk with confidence on diverse uneven grounds in all your stiletto and kitten heels. The registered design product fits on high heels of different shapes and sizes:  5 - 10 mm (see sizing chart) AND 9 - 13 mm (see sizing chart). Its flexible material with bands and flaps ensures an excellent grip. Easy to slip on / slip off. Not for use with metal heel tips.

An accessory for every occasion, discreetly kept in a satin pouch in your clutch purse. Heelwings get you anywhere!

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